Benefits of coffee and the brand I recommend

I am a coffee person, I love coffee so much because of the way it makes me feel let me explain. Coffee is such a good source of staying focus and staying awake. But there are other benefits to it like it helps with burning fat, reducing diabetes, reducing alzhemiers, reducing cancer and other things. oh oh wait! It can make you feel happy too! You don't necessarily need to drink about 2-4 cups that can be really bad!

But just having one warm or ice cup of coffee can do so much to your body. But I don't recommend you to drink coffee at night or close to the night been there don't that never again! I did not sleep the whole night which made me feel so bad because I was tired but my body had so much energy and I did not know what to do about that. Anyways let me give you a list of coffee recommendations brands that I personally love!


  • Starbucks

  • Peet's coffee

  • The coffee bean

  • Coffee kiosk

  • Dunkin donuts

  • Folgers

  • Melitta

  • ELIXAR coffee

  • Colombia Coffee

Those are the coffee brands that I recommend! I hope you all will try one of these coffee brands I promise they are so good!!

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