Why its important to pamper yourself

I love a good pamper day it makes me happy, calm, healthy and here's why you should do it. Taking a day to treat yourself helps your body relax and feel so stress free. On the plus it can bring you joy and happiness you don't even need to spend money to pamper yourself.

A one week self care can contribute to your overall physical health as well because it triggers a relaxation response! I suggest making a plan on a planner, notes on your phone, or on your calendar anything to get at least 30 minutes of taking care of yourself and your mental health.

Heres some stuff you can do on a pamper yourself day:

  • You can take a bubble bath with relaxing music, candles, and you can sit in the bath with a little dessert in your hand sounds amazing right!

  • Give yourself a little manicure and pedicure

  • A facial!

  • Put on some cozy clothes, read book , or watch a movie while eating some snacks

  • Enjoy some breakfast in bed

  • Invite friends to come pamper with you and gossip!

  • Yoga

  • Going for a walk

  • Enjoying a movie night with a love one or your loved one's

  • sauna

  • oil essential

There are so many things you can do on a self pamper day! Those are the list of things I usually do on a self pamper day!!

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