How to deal with body shaming

What is body shaming? I define body shaming like this when a person criticize's your body's imperfection. Like when a person's says "your too short", "your to fat!", "your to skinny and "your too tall" like what?"! Sometimes I don't even understand it myself of what body shaming means. Like there's no such thing as a perfect body!!

Do most of you look at the mirror and tell yourself "wow I'm beautiful", "I love myself" or do you tell yourself "I wish I looked like her/him" , "Im so ugly" well if you tell yourself the positive things then keep doing that and inspire others to do the same. But if you tell yourself the negative things then stop right there. When it comes to that point you shouldn't be body shaming yourself or anyone in general. We all have different personalities, different minds, different looks, and different body's!

I totally get that its hard to not let the body shaming get to your head but the best thing you can do Is put postive advice and words in your head. Loving yourself shows a whole lot of confidence to the world and others that might need it because some can't handle the negativity and they can breakdown or do a lot worse to themselves. It is sad of how cruel people can be to others and sometimes we can't stop that.

The person who created you is GOD! He didn't bring you into this world to be body shamed, sad, and feeling not so good about yourself. You are here for a reason, a purpose for this lifetime. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself trust me. Always be kind to others and let's stop body shaming!

Thank you for reading this and don't forget your flawless!

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